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AHRES, LLC provides specialty services that promote unique outcomes that directly benefit the organization and the community that it services. Through functions that enhance the skills of the employee and expands the advantages of the organization, AHRES aids in building a solid foundation for exceptional growth.

AHRES, LLC believes the undercurrent of innovation and acceptance is incorporated within every individual; what a person brings to the table matters and is crucial to the evolution of consistent, viable change.


Training your team to have the Emotional IQ that provides a safe place for team members to evolve is essential for measurable success. 

Psychological Safety is about authentic relationship building where judgment and preconceived ideas are eliminated while trust and vulnerability are celebrated. 

Psychological Safety works hand in hand with Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion by providing methods of understanding and relevance.

The "A" Model is a process of acknowledgment that evaluates systems and behaviors that have unintentionally forfeited the concerns of others. There are times when regrouping is necessary to move forward. Having leadership understand the missteps that have alienated their teams is an essential construct in rebuilding a stronger company.

AHRES, LLC takes a daring concept of acknowledgment and vulnerability and helps the organization utilize it for an operational design that is inclusive of transparency and unity. This process connects the organization back to its original design and core values.

AHRES, LLC takes the guesswork out of People Operations which involves the entire life cycle of managing the human capital. The process evaluates the needs of the employee and provides a partner that explores, advocates, and administrates the everyday processes for the employee.

​Simply put, AHRES, LLC becomes the organization's administration for an expanded HR function that enhances an employee's experience.

​This function is part of the organizational strategy that involves the business design, operational acumen, and transformational recommendations that produce equity and innovation through human capital.

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