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HR Employee Coaching & Career Mapping
"Consulting made easier." 

Human Resources is meant to coach employees to maximize their potential.

Professional Coaching

In today’s workforce, the average employee believes that human resource is established to take care of the organization's needs only. Because of this perception, many employees miss HR functions that benefit them. It is true that there are HR Managers who do not see or know the whole picture.


However, at AHRES, we strive to inform you of your rights and benefits. We also provide comprehensive strategies that align with current HR practice that increases your marketability. 

Knowing and understanding what is possible and obtainable is how AHRES provides clarity and guidance.

Customizable agreements are available. Contact us today.


Career Mapping

At AHRES, we understand the complexity of trying to figure out a career direction or a career that best suits your ambitions and your skillset. We take it seriously when a person decides to change course or needs guidance concerning which steps to take.

Career Mapping takes the guesswork out of the process by exploring solutions that create advancement for professional growth.  Career mapping is a method that provides an analysis of what is needed for continuous professional development. By examining education, job specifications, character, and competencies, AHRES can map out the path for a positive outcome.

Customizable agreements are available. Contact us today.

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