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HR Consulting &  Contractor

A partnership that delivers a competitive edge.

Sometimes it is hard to find the right fit when it comes to people operations and human resource management. Knowing what to do or getting outside help is essential for the functionality of operations. Allow AHRES, LLC to help you reach your goals and objectives through partnership. There are consulting and contractor agreements available. 

Consulting will consists of giving guidance and instruction that can be implemented by the organization's current HR Department.

Independent Contractor personally administrates and implements the vision of the organization. 

AHRES, LLC provides expertise in the following:


  • Strategic Human Resource Planning

  • Policy Development

  • HR Department Startup

  • DEI Training

  • Employment Law FMLA/ADA/EEO/WC

  • HR Policies and Procedures

  • Organizational Design and Development

  • Forecasting and Planning

  • Administration Development

  • Risk Management and Analysis (OSHA)

  • Trend Analysis and Marketing Strategy

  • Strategic Staffing, Recruitment, Talent Management, and Retention

  • Employee Relations

  • HR Program/Project Management

  • Payroll / Accounting/ Compensation

  • High Performing Talent Acquisition

  • Corporate Office Collaboration

  • Job Analysis/ Need Analysis

  • Ethics

  • Workers Compensation

  • Retirement Reporting/ 401K Census

  • Orientation and Onboarding

  • HRIS Technologies

  • Strategic Training Development and Facilitation

  • Training Evaluation

  • Performance and Compensation Programs

  • Employment Benefits

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