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Appling HR Executive Solutions, LLC 

HR Consulting Firm,
People Operations & Strategies

Human Resources was never meant to be confusing, nor a policing process that frustrates employees. It is an integrative concept that values everyone’s unique qualities and what they bring to the table.

Somewhere along the line, people have forgotten the basics of human decency and fairness. This principle is what develops every person and encourages them to be loyal while fulfilling their basic needs. We must put  “humananity” back into engaging the employee.

Appling HR Executive Solutions, LLC (AHRES) takes this simple concept and maps out innovative solutions for individual leadership development and corporate functions such as, psychological safety, ethical processes, succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational and performance management, training, and compensation. 

Through professional consulting, contracting, coaching or corporate training, AHRES can guide the course of action and bring sustainable results.

AHRES represents the initials of Appling HR Executive Solutions; however, placed together it means "clarity and rest". We can provide clarity and solutions so you don't have to worry.


Lynnette Appling, MSHRM, PHR

People Operations & Human Resources Strategist

"Change is administrated.       
                               Competency is developed."

AHRES, LLC Specializes In:

Psychological Safety & DEI

(Diversity, Equity & Inclusion)

 People Operations, Organizational Strategy & Compensation Analysis

The "A" Model:

Strategic Change that invites organizational unity.

Consulting & Independent Contracting

Personal & Professional Development

 Coaching & Career Mapping


"Lynnette takes people operations and makes it about the people. You never have to guess the next step."

- Sarah J. Ohio

My organization was struggling to retain quality employees. Lynnette showed us the gaps in our approach and how to get back to our core values. Once we became true to our mission, our employees had a purpose.

- Josh P.  Maryland

"The biased treatment I received was crippling. I doubted my abilities. Lynnette taught me how to properly address the situation to gain a positive outcome." 

-Louise T. Virginia

Let's produce the change you're seeking.

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